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  • Virginia M. Wright

Heed the Plow: Winter mailbox destruction is the mother of invention

Updated: Mar 31

With an average 90-110 inches of snow per year, western and northern Maine should be a graveyard for mailboxes taken down by plows. Instead, it’s fertile ground for simple yet ingenious devices constructed to foil a fast-moving blade. My favorites are the portable mailbox mounts, which homeowners carry, push, or roll away from the roadside in advance of a storm. In Franklin and Aroostook counties, you'll find them mounted to tire rims, lawnmowers, wagons, sleds, skis, and wooden horses. Variations on the cantilever post are also common: a tall post is set well back from the road, and from it, a long sturdy branch or metal pole extends the mailbox over snowbanks. And sometimes a mailbox is affixed to something so formidable, like a washing machine or oil tank, that plow drivers have no choice but to give wide berth.


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