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  • Virginia M. Wright

You haven't been to Maine if you haven't been to Renys.

Updated: Mar 31

Forget the Caribbean. Never mind a cruise. Phil and Dolly Curtis spent their honeymoon engaged in the Maine shopping equivalent of peak bagging: they visited all 17 Renys locations, a 700-mile zigzagging jaunt.  

Renys touring is but one way Mainers shower love on their favorite store. In 2003, Newcastle resident Art Mayers penned Renys: The Musical; it’s now a community-theater staple. Renys’ marketing team, meanwhile, fields a steady stream of homemade videos featuring people singing the store jingle — “Renys! A Maine adventure!” — for television spots. One family even synchronized their Christmas lights to the tune.


How to explain such enthusiasm for, of all things, a discount department store? I explore the phenomenon for Yankee.

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